3D ISO weirdness

A few weird things going on with the 3D ISO file of Avatar.

  1. It has previously scraped the movie successfully, but if I click on the film in the Movies list, it doesn’t play.

  2. If I navigate to it the ISO in Files view and click on it, instead of launching the simplified blu-ray menu immediately, Kodi browses into it as if it were a folder. I have to navigate into BDMV and click on index.bdmv to launch the menu. (Maybe it always worked like this, but I thought it launched as soon as you clicked the ISO…?)

  3. During playback, if I bring up the OSD, the only icon available in the bottom left of the screen is Stop. There’s no pause, rewind, fast forward, etc.

  4. At reboot the Movies scraper starts scraping inside the ISO as if it were a folder, and thinks it’s found a movie called ADM: Vision (index.bdmv), and two copies of a movie called Id (id.bd).

Logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/rihinapowi

Paging @tanio99 as it’s 3D-related.

Does this happen with 2D ISOs, too?

@Chillbo , any chance that it’s a skin issue???