3D mkv files from Blu Ray discs

Hi all,
I’m not skilled enough to be trying out the test builds I read about on here, but I am excited for future support of 3D files.
Question regarding making files from my Blu Ray library for this eventuality: do I need to do anything special when I use makemkv on a disc? Do the default settings retain all 3D information needed to view the file in 3D on OSMC once a new version with 3D support is ready?

You need to remember to include the MVC video track as well as the primary one. (See highlighted line in the screenshot). With absolutely default settings, this isn’t selected for inclusion by default.

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Thanks so much for this crucial bit of info!

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One more question on this front. Please forgive me, but I’m having trouble understanding from the recent update announcement, does the new update support 3D now, or is support still only within the test builds? Asking because I tried a 3D MVC file, but can’t seem to get it working just yet.

It’s necessary to install the v4.9 kernel, which is still a test build at this point.

See [TESTING] Linux 4.9 kernel and improved video stack for Vero 4K / 4K +

Thank you, really appreciate the helpful responses