3D MVC in .iso and .mkv on PI3+ on osmc kodi 17 and kodi18?

Hi, I have Vero 4k and happy with it. But it do not play 3D MVC.
So I plan to buy rassbery PI3+ and install OSMC.
Question: latest osmc with kodi17 can play 3D MVC in .iso and .mkv ?
What is future regarding 3D MVC in OSMC upcoming kodi 18 on rassbery PI 3+?

And one more question regarding sound on rassbery PI3+ on OSMC : Dolby True HD and and DTS HD-MA? I heared that rassbery PI can not pasthrough, but I mean can it be decoded lossless to PCM 48kHz or 96kHz (5.1 or 7.1 channels) ?

Thanks for info

3D MVC will stay supported.
Passthrough of HD audio is not possible. You can get LPCM7.1 @ 96Khz (max).

Thanks for info.