3D Playback

Hey folks, I have tried to play 3D content on my Vero 4K+ but my Panasonic DX902 will not pick up the 3D signal?

Vero is playing 3D content side by side perfectly, so it seems the TV is the issue not recognising the 3D signal perhaps - Any ideas/suggestion would be really appreciated.

Hi – are you referring to 3D MVC (frame packed output)?
This is still a WIP.


Hi Sam, thanks for the quick reply (as ever). Not sure what you mean sorry, the file is a mkv and is being decoded by my Vero fine seemingly. It certainly is playing side by side but the TV just doesn’t recognise it?

All 3D formats except frame packed 3D don’t have any sort of signalling. So, a TV would most likely not recognize it as it’s simply a normal 1080p frame which just contains information of two images compressed to half.
I only know of Panasonic TVs which have an advanced detection mode where they seem to analyze the image to detect half resolution 3D content (which is not working as expected all the time). Not sure whether other manufacturers have a similar option.

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It’s a 3D SBS movie then.
You should be able to set this on your TV.

I do believe that there’s a way to signal 3D SBS – but I’m not sure on how to do this automatically yet.


Cheers guys that makes sense, i’ve posed on AV Forums where there are loads of Panasonic DX902 owners. Think it maybe because the TV will only pick up 3D when 1080p signal is fed. Looking at my Vero I have this set to 4K so will try that.

While i’ve got your attention can I just say again how impressed I am with my Vero and the excellent support you give us users. Brilliant.

We’d thoroughly recommend setting the GUI to 1080p and enabling Adjust Refresh Rate. Vero will then switch to 4K when necessary (i.e. if you play 4K content); and you won’t see a benefit of using the UI at 4K as Kodi doesn’t have 4K assets yet.

Thanks for your kind words


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When you say adjust refresh rate where do you mean and whereabouts?

Nailed it! Changed GUI to 1080p and then the TV recognised 3D signal👍

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New to Vero and can’t for the life of me playback any 3d content.
I bought the Vero 4k (not the +) box just to do this.
I’ve looked around the forums and think I’ve set it up correctly?
Output is set at 1080p 60hz.
When I see the file its says its 3d and on pressing play it asks me how I want to play the content back, I choose as file and then the projector goes blank and I get a no input signal.
all content is .mkvs

Any very clear instructions on what to do??


Fastest way to get help is to open a new thread with your problem and supply logs

How to provide logs you can learn here: How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

Need testing branch

As gkron92 says, the first thing you would need to do is install the v4.9-kernel test software instead of the standard software. That’s not especially difficult, but it’s important to understand that it is still in the testing phase, and you are likely to encounter issues that you wouldn’t with the standard software.

Thanks guys, will look into doing just that although being a Mac user it may hurt my little brain for a while working out :laughing:

I think there was a deliberate decision by the OSMC guys to put a (small) barrier in the way of installing test software - they need the people who do it to have at least a very basic level of technical knowledge and to be able to help out with the testing process. If entirely non-technical users install test software and get into trouble with it, the OSMC guys end up drowning in support requests, and customer satisfaction levels drop unnecessarily…


Decided not to do it, too much messing about just for the 7 3d’s I want to watch.
Whats odd is when I bought it and plugged it in it worked (well when I managed to work out how to get stuff on there) I did wonder if it was my amp or projector not doing something but having dragged my oppo player from the loft the mkv’s work as they should :thinking:

3D playback will eventually end up in the standard software, we just don’t know when.

Alternatively, if you remux your 3D mkv files as m2ts, you can probably play them on your Oppo.

I don’t have a problem playing 3d mkv’s with the oppo, its just I don’t use it, my system is based around an ATV running Infuse from a NAS drive, just bought the Vero as someone said it would play 3d and its small enough to be tucked away.

Really? I own both an Oppo 105D and an Oppo 203, and I’ve never persuaded a 3D mkv file to play on either.

Well, yes, it does, it’s just that (as discussed) you need to install test software. It’ll go mainstream eventually.

Ah, I stand corrected, discs are ok and realized it was a 2d>3d conversion, wondered why it never looked as good as the discs :laughing: