3D Problem with Vero4k and JVC NZ8 projector

I have recently upgraded to a JVC NZ8 projector. For some reason, the projector is not picking up on the 3d signals from my Vero4k when playing 3D ISOs (or other 3d material for that matter; have tested also sbs rips). All show up as 2d video. I have tested with my old optoma projector on the same files - and that projector shows the 3d just fine. Is there anything that can be done to fix this, so that I can enjoy 3d from the Vero on the JVC projector? Thanks

Iā€™d suggest posting some logs so we can see what video modes the projector claims to support.

Hi Sam
Thanks for the reply. The log;

No suggestion of 3D capability there. Check the settings on your PJ, or is the Pioneer getting in the way of the EDID read?

Hmm, I also tried connecting the Vero4k directly to the PJ, to make sure that the Pioneer did not hamper anything. Will fiddle a bit with the PJ and revert here. Thanks

Hmm. The PJ handles 3d perfectly when fed to it via 3d bluray on a Panasonic UB9000 player. There is no mode that can be manually enabled on the PJ to recognise frame packed content, it just does so automatically. But that it does not do when it comes to 3d from the Vero4k. I am at a loss on how to adress this. Could there be anyone else here on the forum that has expericence with 3D via the Vero4k on recent JVC projectors?

Can you try making a file disp_cap_3d with the following content:

720p50hz FramePacking TopBottom SideBySide
720p60hz FramePacking TopBottom SideBySide
1080p24hz FramePacking TopBottom SideBySide
1080p50hz SideBySide
1080p60hz SideBySide

and saving it in ~/.kodi/userdata and reboot.

That did the trick! I have tested several isos now, and seems to work perfectly! Thanks so much.