4:3 aspect ratio skin

I would love (and I know this is an unreasonable request) a skin that is tailored for a 4:3 crt screen. This would require large font menus and a scheme that’s more vertically aligned than horizontal.

Any thoughts?


Have you browsed through the default set of skins in Kodi ? (Choose Get More in the skin browser) There are a few with reasonably big fonts that would probably be OK on a 4:3 screen…

all the skins fonts are too small for some shoddy crts for anyone with poor eyesight.

i had to resort to editing neon myself though its sort of a mess not really worth sharing. surprised at least one skin wasnt bare bones huge start with while not wasting screen real estate in simple list mode.

they all seem to want to use thin fonts that blur really badly on the more iffy sets.