4k 10-bit playback issue

I am fairly sure this used to work, but recently appears to have stopped working

I have my Vero4k connected via HDMI to a Denon AVR X2400H
If I set the ‘HDMI mode’ to enhanced on my amp (this is the setting to enable 10bit support on the amp), then ANY content I play from the Vero results in a black screen. I know the content is still playing, because I can see (via the Kodi remote app on my phone) that the film timer is running. If I use the app to stop playback, the Kodi GUI returns
If I turn off ‘enhanced mode’, then the Vero is happy to out put everything at 8bit

I have a SKY Q box which is quite happy to do 4k 10-bit (with the appropriate setting on the Denon amp)

I have also got a failed blue LED (I am aware this is a known issue) but whilst troubleshooting this, I replaced the power supply twice, so I am fairly confident this isnt a power issue

I have also replaced the HDMI cables, tried different HDMI inputs on the Denon (including the one with the working SKY Q box on). I have also connected directly to the TV with no success

One other strange issue with the Vero - it seems to hold open the HDMI in a very strange way, which randomly prevents any other HDMI device connected to the amp from working. If I unplug the HDMI cable from the Vero, then other devices can successfully handshake

EG - If I watch a movie on the Vero, then attempt to switch sources back to the Sky Q box - all I get is a black screen, forcing me to reboot the SKY Q box. This only happen immediately after using Vero
This never EVER happens after switching from PS4, Blu-Ray player or ARC

Also, if I switch from an input source to an ARC source (eg, Netflix on my LG TV), there is no sound until I unplug the HDMI from the Vero

Is it goosed? :slight_smile:

I will upload some logs shortly, but has anyone else seen anything like this? I realise there may be two separate issues here, but it feels like they may be related in some way, as they are both broadly HDMI type issues

Enable HPD Lock to fix issues when switching between Sky box.

What does the ‘enhanced’ option claim to do?


‘enhanced’ mode enables the 10-bit support on the Denon amp

When it is disabled, my Sky Q box only detects (and outputs) 8-bit
When it is enabled, the Sky Q box will detect (and output) 10-bit

However, what I think is happening is that Vero is detecting 10-bit support on the amp and is attempting to output at 10-bit and failing for some reason

If I disable ‘enhanced’ mode, then Vero is detecting only 8-bit support from the amp and outputs accordingly - which works

Probably fixed with [TESTING] Vero 4K / 4K + video improvements which will be released soon.


thanks Sam, it seems to have fixed the 8bit/10bit playback issue.
Still having an issue when I change the amp input source away from the Vero, but it only ever seems to affect the Sky Q box
its a strange one, the only way to recover the Sky Q box is a hard reboot (yank the power)

It must be a handshake issue though, because although I get no audio or video, if I switch inputs away from the Sky Q, I do hear about 1 second of audio suddenly spring to life before the input changes

This may be a bug with the Sky Q device.
The Vero should deassert when you change source.

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For anybody else who may stumble across a similar issue, there’s 40+ pages of Sky Q issues here:


Seems to be a known issue. The workaround (until sky issue a fix - don’t hold your breath), seems to be to keep your Sky Q switched on when swapping inputs

Thanks for your awesome help yet again Sam