4K and remote sensitivitly

I am using the kls-1.6 conf for my remote, this seemed to work best my older Vero (v1). But the problem it had was it was too sensitive, the new IR model is not sensitive enough, its now missing a clicks from my Logitech Remote.

the RF remote works much nice, but would like to have 1 remote. any ideas how to tweak the sensitivity of the remote

Can you explain the issue with sensitivity in more detail?
Are you referring to LoS or the repeat filter which we use?

There is an IR extender included in the package which can be used when Vero 4K is put behind a TV or in a cabinet. You may also find improvements from running irrecord and configuring a new LIRC profile on the Vero 4K; as the timings can differ in some scenarios


The problem is the fist remote click is ignored and often I have to click. I have to click twice quite often. It looks like the first click when I use the remote after a bit of inactivity, if I do 3 clicks, it gets the last two, for example trying to skip to a 1 minute skip will require 5 clicks instead of 4.

I have tried both using using the IR extender and not using the extender (not sure where the sensor is on the black box guess its somewhere on the front . I am using the Harmony Remote with KLS 1.6 DVR profile, which was what I was using earlier.

Will try the irrecord to create a new profile as well.

Try irrecord first.
A few users had a similar problem and we did resolve this, but unfortunately not so for the XBox One remote yet. It may be the case that there are some commonalities there.

As you seem happy to dig around with the command line we should be able to work out what the issue is and resolve it quite promptly.


Fixed it by switching harmony to Mce remote from kls

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