4K failed after update for Vero 4K, solved

I just updated one of my Vero 4K’s and 4K video playback stopped working.
The following failed to help:

  1. Power cycle Vero, receiver, TV
  2. Different Vero 4K
  3. Update firmware on Yamaha receiver

Although I was certain it wouldn’t help, I swapped the 3ft HDMI cable from the Vero to the receiver for a shorter, higher quality cable.
This fixed it.
Just curious, but why did it work with the old cable before the update? I wouldn’t think the signal would be changed by the update.

It might be because the Adjust Refresh Rate option is now set to On start/stop by default. If you had it set to Off before, then all 4K video was probably being downscaled to 1080p.

No, I’m quite sure I had “Adjust Refresh Rate” on before.
Also, I was getting 4K videos thru to the TV, confirmed by the TV info screen.

Cables can deteriorate. You could try the cable with another device and see if it’s also problematic.