4K - Fast forward & resume issue


I currently have issues playing a 4K movie stored in USB drive. Fast forward is jerky, I can’t always resume playback.

Here is a log : https://paste.osmc.tv/ojoxugaxiz


Would try to check throughput, easiest is to do time cp /media/YOURUSB/FILE ./

Also, it would be good if we could find out more about the file you are having issues playing. Please see the mediainfo section in How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

I don’t understand your point, can you explain it ?

Sure :slight_smile:


Is skipping OK?

Fast forwarding is quite tricky to do with high bitrate materials and doesn’t always work reliably.


They’re no track is this file.

Tricky ok but it should work a bit. I can’t FF and resume the playback.

You should still be able to Skip forward using the right arrow.
FF is a bit broken in Krypton at the moment

I may not have understood you, I can move forward by pressing the arrow, it’s jerky but it works, but I can’t resume the playback.

I’m on the previous release.

Press the right hand side of the circular part of the remote. This will skip forward 10 seconds on 1st press, 30 seconds on 2nd press etc. When released play continues.

As stated earlier the traditional FF and REW buttons don’t really work in Kodi.

I confirm that what I was doing, but I still can’t resume playback.

For instance, I had a call around 45 mn so I paused the movie. I can’t resume it and it will be very long using this method.

Sorry - I thought your question was about fast forwarding not pausing.

Don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

When I saw that I couldn’t resume the playback I tried to press the arrows but it’s too long, so I tried the fast forward, which doesn’t seem to work.

Skip steps should make seeking very fast. I can get an hour in to a video with just a few quick presses


It’s better, thank you, but it’s laborious, it’s more like a workaround. It’s a problem known to the Kodi team? Is it resolved in Krypton? Thank you

This needs fixing in Kodi, not OSMC.

OSMC already uses Kodi Krypton.


I know OSMC is up to date, i’m wondering if upgrading to Krypton can improve it.

You are already on Krypton!!!
Are you meaning Leia?

My bad. Yes i do.

I don’t think there will be significant improvements. Leia is quite early in the cycle