4k GUI


fist of all just want to say that the support on Vero 4k is fantastic.

This is just a question/curiosity. I recently bought an Apple TV 4k and kind of got used to the 4k interface which with the posters and photos is a quite upgrade. Difficult to go back to 1080p (yes first world problem :slightly_smiling_face: )

I know that the interface/menu on Vero 4k/Kodi is best to run in 1080p, however is there any chance this could change (skin in 4k etc) or would it require new hardware? I read that its taxing on the resources running at 4k but if it is possible any hints how it can be tried out?

keep up the good work.

IIRC Sam did give some pointers to someone with same question.

I, for one would like this to happen (as an option) but it won’t be before we have 4.9 kernel ready for prime time afaict.

We then have to work out a way to get users to configure it properly with whitelisting etc, which could be tough…