4K Hdr dark image

Hope I can get some help. I have tried everything I could find on the forums regarding this issue.
My Vero 4k+ is connected to Denon X2500 (with 4k enchanced signal enabled) with Dolby Atmos speaker configuration.
As a display I am using Xiaomi Projector international version, it is 1080p, but accepts 4k and HDR signal. I have no problems with HDR signal from other sources like xbox one s.
Projector has an option to enable hdmi 2.0. When I do that and try to play any 4k video, screen goes blank, I can hear audio track, but it is stuttering. Any 1080p plays fine. When hdmi 2.0 option is disabled (on the projector) 4k videos are playing okay, but very dark, again 1080p looks normal.
As a test I have connected vero directly to the projector and it plays all 4k videos fine with right colours (even with hdmi 2.0 disabled on the projector). All 4k videos are HDR ones.
Previously I had Vero 4k(non plus) and I don’t remember having these issues.
Thanks for any suggestions

Please post some logs so we can see what’s going on.

Ideally we’d want:

  • A log when you have a black screen and have enabled HDMI 2.0
  • A log when you play HDR content and it looks dark

Did you test the same files on the same projector?



Thanks Sam, will provide the logs when I have some spare time.
Not sure about the same files on the same projector as it was a while ago.
I still have original Vero I have used before at friends house (not sure if on the same firmware), so I can bring it back for testing one day.

Did some hdmi cable juggling and it seems hdr problem is resolved. All my cables were premium hdmi cerified, but when I installed fibre optics one I have managed to run it with hdmi 2.0 enabled at 4k. I am still having some dropouts with the picture, though. Sometimes it takes few tries before I get picture. Therefor I have ordered another fibre optics hdmi cable and will update the thread, with logs if it still occurs.

How long is the longest cable?

Fibre cable 1m, other cable 2m. So lenght not the issue, yet something is causing it.