4k hevc hdr10+

Hi friends

I’ve been trying to play a 4K HEVC HDR10+ file and it seems to show up only on a quarter of the TV’s screen. A sample file can be fetched in the kodi samples, number 9 of 4K (UltraHD) Formats - Kodi samples.

Whilst this happens when the player is set to adjust display refresh rate, if the UI is set to 4K then the file uses the full screen as expected. It’d seem connected with the adjustment of the display from 1080p UI to 4K. Other 4K videos play fine but this format uses only a quarter of the screen.

Does this file play in the TV’s whole screen for you? I’m not discounting that the TV’s firmware could be buggy (Sony X90J).


Yes. On Panasonic connected directly to Vero V. With adjust refreshrate on start/stop and 1080p GUI.

Try enabling debug logs, rebooting and reproducing the issue. There might be some clues there.

Thanks for checking. As suspected, it’d seem my TV firmware is buggy. HDR10 with 60fps play fine, the 4K HEVC HDR10 24fps files have the same issue. I’ll do some digging.


Just an update that after removing the resolutions entries in the guisettings.XML file solved this issue for me.