4K+. Hyperion & UHD HDR


Have been looking at the info on the Hyperion forums and on here but I’m not sure how up to date it all is. My question is, is there 4k/HDR supported on Hyperion without buying the expensive HDFury set up?

From what I know it’s not about the resolution but the codec. UHD in H.264 gets handed over correctly to Hyperion but UHD (or FullHD, for that matter) in H.265 will give you green/coloured nonsense. I think it has to do with the chip the Vero uses.

This matter is discussed somewhere in the huge Hyperion thread but I can’t remember which of the nearly 700 posts.

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Hmm. So I guess the only viable alternative is Hue Play HDMI Sync Box, but that is a bit too expensive.

After some reading in the thread it turns out I was wrong or not up to date. HEVC does work with hyperion.ng if you edit the config of one specific file:

Not sure about HDR, though. Best ask in the thread, name your equipment (AML or V4L).

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