4K only shows on one quarter of TV


I realy need some help here.

Since the last update, my Vero V shows 4K/UHD/2160p files only on the top left quarter of the screen.
The GUI (configured 1080p) and 1080p files are fine.

I changed the GUI to UHD and did video calibration but nothing happend to the UHD files/movies.
(So I changed the GUI back to FullHD, as recommended)
As you can see on the pictures, changing view (Ansicht) does not help either.

What else can I do to solve this problem?

Help is really urgently needed, otherwise Christmas would really be ruined :wink:

Thanks very much in advance and sorry for my bumpy English.


See here Vero V and LG C9 is no go with 4K - #67 by fzinken

A more user-friendly way to fix this is being worked on.

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