4k+ refuses to scan music videos

Hi everybody.

Recently done a reset and upgrade on my 4k+, all media is now on a DS218 Synology NAS instead of just on a USB drive plugged directly into the vero box.

Managed to get everything set up and running well, but I can’t get music videos to appear in the music videos library. The system will find the source OK but when it scans it spends half a second and finds nothing.

All the files are named as per convention.

With the amber skin the music video menu option doesn’t display (presumably simply because the library is empty), if I switch to estuary then music video is in the menu but with the “your library is currently empty” dialog.

If I manually navigate the source the videos are there and I can playback without issue.

I also tried reconnecting the original USB drive to the Vero and setting up the source from there as it was before the changes but it still won’t populate the library.

Any ideas peeps? I’ve searched and experimented as much as I can but no joy yet.

One thing I came across was the idea of sticking music video files in the music audio folders and accessing that way. Does anybody do it that way?

It’s been a while since I added Music Videos, but if I remember correctly the only reliable way I found to get them to scan was by creating .nfo files for them.

Sharing logs is always helpful of course!

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Thanks for this, I did see reference to .nfo files but dismissed this as I never had any in there before and it worked fine without. I suppose the older version was more tolerant of this and the up to date OS isn’t.

I’ll create a couple of nfo files and remove and re add the source and see if it has an effect, I suspect you are right with this and if so it’s a simple enough fix.

If that doesn’t do it I’ll figure out how to create a useful log and upload it :grin:(haven’t done it for a while!)

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, just did a quick test creating an nfo file for a single vid and re scanned and it brought it right in.

Thanks for this, I should have looked further into this and tested an nfo but I assumed it should just have worked as before so was hoping it was something else. It will be a bit for work doing an nfo for every vid but not such a big deal, and I’m glad to be improving my library which is what it’s all about.

Thanks again :+1:

The music video category is rather a special case as explained in Kodi’s wiki…


Hmm, I’m torn now between setting up my own nfo s or just using the GitHub database. I’m sure there will be a few obscure things I have

Thanks DD, Read all that before when I first set up the 4k but I’ve slept since, was worth a revisit :+1:

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You could install a scraper and just make nfo’s for anything that doesn’t have online metadata. If you wanted nfo files after that just in case you can always export your library (to individual files) which will make nfo files from this online metadata it pulled down from the interwebs.

Thanks for this, I’ll probably go the route of setting up the scraper and filling in any gaps with nfos.

Now I’ve finally got the NAS system working I’m turning my attention to little details like this, the whole set up is gradually getting better and better. So that’s next weekends project sorted.

Thanks all :+1: