4k+ Remote dongle

Does the 4k+ have a remote dongle? There wasn’t one in my box.

I haven’t gotten my Vero 4K+ yet (but it’s close, so soon), but my understanding is that the remote is a radio frequency one, so you shouldn’t need anything other than the remote that came in the box to use it. If you want to use a universal remote or some other infrared remote, the Vero 4K+ should have an IR port that you can activate by going to the My OSMC menu (if you’re using the default skin) or the My OSMC addon (for all other skins) and then changing the settings in the remote section.

Yes, it is a RF remote but therefore it needs a RF receiver (not build in) therefore the remote comes with a USB RF Reciever. @overlordq already found it.
If you have issues to find it see this advice from @sam_nazarko

The remote is taped to the back of the remote package. It’s common for customers to rip open the package and miss the dongle, so check the bin or opened packaging


This thread has very effectively shown why people who do not have a thing (like me) should not answer questions about said thing. '-)