4K Remux from NAS

Hi all. I have the original Vero. I’ve been looking at getting a NAS to stream my 4K Remux library but I’ve had a last minute thought: with the network port only being 100mbit in the Vero, will I be able to stream high bitrate files?

The Verok 4k+ has a Gigabit Ethernet adapter built-in

I don’t have the + model though. It came out shortly after I bought the previous model.

Sorry misread your post thought you were talking about buying the Vero not the NAS :frowning:
100Mbit with sharing via NFS should be fine for many files but surely some are upto 130 Mbit.
So your options would either be 5G Wireless or a USB Gigabit dongle.

A cheap USB gigabit adapter will substantially increase the network bandwidth on a regular Vero 4K, I run one myself. You could go through the aggravation of fstab mounting etc to maximise throughput on the built-in connector, but plugging in an adapter is much easier and gives lightning fast chapter skips/scrubbing through video.

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Second this. There’s no need for fstab when a gigabit USB adapter will give you around 325Mbit.

I have all of my ripped movies on my WD NAS and every one plays without a glitch via the 100MB network. Everyone is a straight rip using MakeMKV with no re-encoding, just extra audio tracks and subs were removed.

I had a few buffer issues with Lucy over the 100Mbit connection on my original Vero 4K. I had no further issues when using a USB Gigabit adapter to give me 324Mbit on that same Vero 4K, and of course no issue when using the Vero 4K+ built-in gigabit.

Yep - I was in the same boat as @bmillham, thinking there was no 4K remux that could trip up my trusty Vero 4K but sadly there are some titles that will struggle at times over a 100Mbps link - the first Pacific Rim is one example (with an fstab-mounted NFS export from my GbE WD NAS). It gets into the high 90s at points which can cause network issues when sustained. If you try to skip/seek through/around these points the measured bitrate can spike well over 100…

Generally speaking from my experience, 4k remuxes should play perfectly with the built-in 100Mbps adapter from an fstab mount but for those edge cases I’d just go with an el-cheapo GbE USB NIC to avoid issues.