4K Streaming Add-Ons for Kodi / OSMC?

In preparation for receiving the 4K+, I have been playing around with Kodi add-ons on my XB1X. I have tried pulling 4K youtube through the official add-on, but it seems resolution is limited to 720p.

As I have streaming accounts from Netflix and Amazon Prime, I was wondering if it would be possible or if there already exists add-one that allow for 4K (if HDR even better) streaming through OSMC?

Netflix is limited to 720p at this time.
YouTube can get 4K

You’re referring to the official Youtube addon that’s downloadable through menu?


I don’t think it is.
Just checked and the options in the config menu are 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p (HD) and 1080p Live / 720p (HD).

Are you running v18 test builds? I suspect that may be a requirement.

In Leia Beta on my XB1X, I only saw 1080p Live / 720p as the highest option as well.

Could be. Just running old reliable Krypton 17.6.