4K Videos Playback Cutting out


I havent had this problem with non 4k content but it can play fine for about 5-10 mins then the video cuts out and i’m back on the selection menu

I just did a fresh install of osmc and the problem persists

Obviously, there is a bandwidth issue trying to play ‘A Perfect Planet (2021) S01E01 - Volcano’. You find a lot of log entries like:

CVideoPlayerAudio::Process - stream stalled

Root cause oft he problem is not clear but I suggest to use iperf3 for troubleshooting, see [How To] Check Network Performance with iperf3.

Two further suggestion:

  1. Instead of using the NFS stack of the mediacenter, mounting the sources into the root file system using ‘/etc/fstab’ or ‘autofs’ is a better way in regards of performance.

  2. Your connected LG TV supports PCM, AC3, EAC3 and TrueHD but no DTS audio formats. The actual audio configuration of the Vero let convert all sound formats to 2 channel PCM since passthrough is disabled. Perhaps, it’s better to let the TV process and convert the original audio streams.