4k videos stopped working after update


I’ve finally decided to update from July21 to the newest version and I cannot watch 4k videos anymore.
I saw the other thread about HEVC so I tried HEVC 1080 videos and they work fine. It’s just 4k that result in blue screen.
The box itself is not crashing, I can stop the video and play another one. Hard and soft restarts don’t help.
Logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/soxawacini

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Try setting video output to 4:2:2.

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Wow, thank you it helped!!
But why it stopped working after update?

IIRC LGs are more sensitive to this setting than other TVs. Many users found they had to set 422 even with Leia/kernel 3.14. You must have been lucky. 422 uses a slower TMDS clock so is less prone to interference.