4K+ Won't Play AAC

The Vero 4K+ has been running fine for years, but now is silent for AAC files (which also includes GUI sounds and music). Works fine for AC3, eAC3, TRUE HD, DTS etc. Weird.

Checked Yamaha amp status which reports the silence as PCM, which is also identified for other working inputs, so I don’t think it’s the amp.

Shouldn’t be related but the only change of note recently was I moved the media drives so I’d wiped the data bases and was virtually back up and running, although VeroK aborted the library scan twice.

Can you please post some logs?


Rebooted twice, played 20 seconds of AAC file (Vera) and 30 seconds of working file (Will Trent)

It is playing but Kodi’s volume is turned down. This volume setting doesn’t affect passthrough so that is why your seeing the behavior your seeing. I’m also guessing that you have CEC enabled on your AVR which is making the volume controls forward to it instead of adjusting Kodi’s internal volume setting. To fix it I would suggest to either use a Kodi remote app, or the web interface to adjust the volume there (they work a bit different than through a keymap) or else ssh in and run the following…

kodi-send -a "setvolume(100,showvolumebar)"

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That’s it. All my thanks. I brought out an old keyboard for the database update and my dog kept stepping on it. I guess I should have considered she might have done something.

Wasn’t aware pass through didn’t pertain to everything.

But regardless.


Roy Anderson

Anything that is not checked for a passthrough format (which only contains Dolby and DTS formats) gets converted to LPCM at the number of channels selected in Kodi’s audio settings. Anything set for passthrough doesn’t get touched and the original bitstream passes to the output device. Anything not passthrough will get affected by Kodi’s internal volume control. If one desired they could set channels to 2.0 and enable AC3 conversion instead of outputting LPCM. This is typically only useful when someone is wanting to pass surround sound over to connection that only supports two LPCM channels (optical or through most TV’s).

From what I see in your logs you have close to optimal audio settings. You should set your channels to 7.1 if you want surround sound from non-Dolby or DTS soundtracks.

Again thanks for the tip. I hadn’t set the number of channels for the same reason - I thought with Pass Thru the setting was a no-op. Could explain why I sometimes thought the sound was anemic although I never associated it with AAC.

I’m sure my system is perfect now.

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