4k60Hz video skipping

This is a minor issue with all that’s going on in this thread, but i’m still noticing with “the world in 4k”, quite a lot of frame skipping. It seems to be the only file that does this, i don’t have any other content in this format though. Setup is a 4k+ with gbit, LG oled and denon x2400.

Better start a new thread for that. FWIW ‘World’ plays fine for me through a flakey WiFi connection while other 4k60Hz do not.

It runs smoothly on my LGC8 and vero 4K+…

You can get through the whole clip and the “skipped frames” reads 0?

sorry, where/how can I get that info?

click on the 3 lines button on the osmc remote once during playback and than press OK

Doing that will cause some skips in Kodi v17.


Yes I have noticed that the picture freezes a tiny little bit the moment the on screen stats are displayed.