5.1 AC3 decoded audio output as 2.0 Channel Stereo in 5.1/7.1 container

Recently received my Vero 4k and I’ve been pretty impressed with it.

However whenever I have the Vero 4k decode multichannel audio (5.1 AC3 & 5.1 FLAC tested) this is being output to my AVR as 2.0 channel stereo in a 5.1 or 7.1 channel container.

At first I though this was Live TV playback only, but that’s not the case.

I’d expect the 5.1ch AC3 audio to be decoded to 5.1 LPCM and all 5.1 channels sent to my AVR that way. Instead I’m only getting stereo audio in the multichannel container. Same with 5.1 Flac.

Can this be fixed?

I saw a few other threads discussing wrong audio output and changes that have happened throughout this past year. I’m not sure if they are related so I started this thread.

(2 channel flac is output 2 channel to my AVR and all other formats that I bitstream all send to my AVR properly - only decoded multi-channel audio is messed up).

EDIT: This fix in this post addresses most of my issues.

However if I have OSMC set to 7.1 and play 5.1 audio I sometimes get loud noise coming from my rear channels even though my AVR can take 7.1 channel audio and play back on my 5.1 system. So it’s not 100%, but if change OSMC to 5.1 channel output instead of 7.1 it appears to play back my 5.1 channel streams correctly.

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I’m pretty sure this is the same problem, so no need to post again, but thanks for the information. I’ve been working on it but still learning about SoCs and ALSA.

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