5-channel audio not getting to my TV

Hello all,

I just noticed today that I’m not getting 5-channel audio from the RPi to my TV when I watch live TV on OSMC. I’ve confirmed that the source programming audio is 5-channel. I have my audio device set to my hdmi-connected TV, and I have “Allow passthrough” selected. My passthrough device is my TV, and it’s capable of decoding Dolby Digital and DTS, so I’ve checked those in the passthrough settings.

Is there some reason I’m not getting 5-channel audio to my TV? I’ve uploaded logs, and they’re here: paste.osmc.tv/azinicoyag

I’m running the latest version of OSMC on an RPi3B.

Thanks for any help.

Set channels to 2 as you are using DD passthrough.

BTW the specs I found for your TV say DD and DD+ but not DTS.

Thanks for the quick feedback. I deselected DTS and set channels to 2.0 and 2.1. Neither 2.0 nor 2.1 sent 5-channel audio to my TV.

I send my TV audio to my AVR over an HDMI (ARC) cable. When I select “Antenna TV” as the input on the TV, I get 5.1 sound at the AVR. My RPi is connected to the TV via an HDMI cable (not ARC).

Thanks again for any help,

To play a 5.1 PCM or DD+ audio source you will need to turn on AC-3 transcoding and channels 2.0. Are you not able to play even 5.1 DD (AC-3)?

The specs I found for TCL 55P605 say it doesn’t have a tuner. Did I get the wrong model? Is it supposed to pass through DD audio to ARC?

This was my problem. I did not have transcoding enabled. I enabled it an set the number of channels to 2.0 and now I’m getting 5.1 DD+ to the TV and to the receiver (from the TV). Thanks!

Mine is a P605, and it certainly has a tuner, so you must have picked up some faulty documentation. I bought mine in 2017 or 18.

Yes, it does pass through 5-channel DD and DD+ audio to the AVR over ARC. (It won’t send 5-channel audio over a toslink cable.)

Incidentally, the TV settings menu indicates that it will send DTS Digital Surround over ARC so I think I’ll turn that back on in the RPi. I need to find a DTS source for testing. It looks like all OTA TV 5.1 audio is DD+ these days.

Thanks again for your help

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