5 seconds black screen at the beginning

whenever I start a file it takes like 5 seconds until I get a picture while the audio is already running. That may be not a big problem for your usual movies, but for any movie or series with subtitles it is an annoying thing. I believe it has to do with the automatic change in refresh rate?
Is there nothing to do about it?

This is by design – and is because Adjust Refresh Rate is enabled.
We enabled this by default recently, which is why you might only be seeing this now.

You can turn it off in Settings → Playback, but this can cause playback to not be smooth.

Hi Sam,
yes I know. But is there nothing to do that I won’t take 5 seconds? I don’t really understand the process. Why is the Audio playing while it adjusts the refresh rate? Would it actually help to put Kodi to another refresh rate (even though that would be awful probably) or how does it work?

The time it takes can depend on your equipment. Some projectors can be very slow, for instance.

It’s possible to delay the start of playback I believe while this switch takes place so you get a better experience.

You can also set your GUI resolution to match the content you play the most. For example, if you watch a lot of films, you could set it to 23.976. The interface may be a bit slower, but you’re less likely to need a refresh rate switch when you play content. Of course if a switch is necessary, it will still occur.

ah ok thanks for the explanation. I think I will do some trial and error :wink:

This is where you can adjust this to get a better experience with your setup, while keeping the adjust framerate feature for better overall playback quality (output of the native framerate of the file you’re playing back): https://kodi.wiki/view/Settings/System/Display#Delay_after_change_of_refresh_rate

Thanks for the link. No I know which one to check out. But I have another question in addition.
What about “Link playback to display” (or however it is called in english). Does it make sense to enable it? I’m using a AVR so Audio passthrough is probably more important or not? And does it help enabling it without the refresh rate adjusting?


I think your referring to “Sync playback to display”, this breaks passthrough; so this won’t help.

Thanks Tom.

Ah ok thank you. One last question. Sam said it depends on my equipment. I use the Vero 4K+ with a recent Denon AVR and an older 1080p Samsung TV. Can I improve it by using other HDMI cables or something like that or settings on the AVR or does it just depend on the AVR and TV interior?

I don’t think different cables will help. It’s mainly about the internals of the TV.

I’ve noticed delays with longer runs – my projector suffers and it’s seemingly caused by the cable. But the average setup won’t have a 20M HDMI cable and delays at smaller distances won’t be noticeable.