5ghz WIFI adapter for Vero2

Is there a recommended 5ghz wifi USB adapter for use with a Vero2?

I’ve recently had to split my routers wifi in to 2.4 and 5ghz SSID’s. My Vero2 only connects to the 2.4ghz offering which has caused a problem as I can no longer cast (using Yatse) to my Google smart speakers. I assume it’s because they are on the 5ghz network so want to upgrade the Vero2 to use 5ghz.

Thanks for any suggestions.


The 8812AU chipset is supported, if memory serves, so these would be the best bet.
If your 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks have separate SSIDs but are served by the same router, you should generally be fine, unless they have some kind of VLAN separation


You might wanna check out “adanced settings” or similar in your router, most modern routers filters multicast and broadcast packages.

Just the other week i got a hold of a mesh solution, the Mrs youngest daughter got one for signing up with an ISP. Since she is staying with us over the holidays I got to test it out: We have had issues with wifi signal in our apartment, and using regular repeaters just make the net even slower, more noise i guess. So we have been talking about getting a mesh based solution for our 116m² apartment. Anyway, I had to enable Multicast in the router to get my phones “TV-remote app” to find our Ethernet connected TV.

Thanks Sam

Thanks joakim, I’ll have a look.