5ghz wifi dongle (MediaTek Inc.)

request for 0e8d:7610 mediatek inc

@aberboy77 try and make an effort its hard to give good support with so little to go on

guess you wants this driver to be included

MediaTek MT7610U (RT2860)
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0e8d:7610 MediaTek Inc.

@toast hi mate yes id like the driver to be added that’s why I put it feature requests thanks

Next time dont post that little to go on i dont like to spend my time doing guess work, bought it up with Sam awaiting answer the problem is noone of us has that card.

@toast I put a request in feature requests so id think it would be obvious what I meant as for none of you use the card again I put in a request because that’s what the feature request is for to request the card be supported in osmc as we all don’t use the same wifi dongle as this dongle can be used for 5ghz wifi sorry for wasting your time :innocent:

Well if you are serious about bringin the drivers to OSMC we need you to test if we build the driver

there is a huge todo list for Jarvis that Sam is working on so its not gonna be around the corner but if you are willing then nothing is impossible

@toast I will do all the testing you require if you build the driver that is not a problem because not only will it help me it will help lots of other people also ill do what I can to help and ill be happy to do so just get in touch with me and ill be happy to help

If this has been added I will also be happy to test this.

Try it. Should work