Hi everybody,

I just received my new Vero and connected to the wireless network. Since I have an AC router I thought I could give it a try. Anyway, I saw on my router that the vero is connected to the 2.4GHz wireless network instead of the 5 GHz (both have the same SSID). Is there a way to force 5GHz on the vero side?


Yes, change the name of the 5GHz ssid.

Indeed. ConnMan picks the best signal, which is usually 2.4Ghz


I don’t want to do that, I want my devices to connect automatically to the best available SSID within range. Usually, if they are close enough, my Apple devices connect to the 5GHz automatically. It provides more bandwidth but not so far as 2.4GHz. When I get my devices to the other side of the house they automatically connect to 2.4GHz. Since the vero is really really close to the Wireless AC router (but i don’t have any free ethernet connector), i thought that it should connect to 5GHz all the time. After my message here I noticed that sometimes it does connect to 5GHz, sometimes it doesn’t.

Thanks anyway

“Best” is a bit like “fresh”. It’s imprecise and open to interpretation.

Connman labels/defines connections on the basis of the (OSMC) device’s hardware (MAC) address, together with the SSID of the AP. If the same SSID is used on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, connman can only differentiate on the basis of signal strength.

If you want to choose a specific band, connman can only do it based on the SSID, which is why @ActionA’s advice is correct.

And they will continue to do the same thing between dissimilar named ssid’s. They don’t care if the ssid is the same. In fact, many routers come configured with default ssid names, each appended “WLAN-2.4G” and “WLAN-5G”. We’re not suggesting something unreasonable, uncommon, or unheard of.

And I didn’t say that…

Ok, it seems that the easiest solution is to rename my 5GHz and connect to it. This, however, implies that I have to setup this ‘new’ SSID on all my previous devices.

Thanks for the tips.

Not necessarily. It will depend on your router and your general set-up, but you might be able to set a guest SSID for the 5 GHz band. That way, you’d not need to change other devices.

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