5x Kernel for UDP improvements

Just curious when OSMC/Vero 4K might shift to a 5x kernel?

Asking in relation to some UDP improvements that will affect Tailscale soon (and in the future upstream Wireguard)… but may also help with throughput for other applications too.


Specifically these features:
UDP-GSO - Merge branch 'udp-gso' · torvalds/linux@cb586c6 · GitHub
UDP-GRO - Merge branch 'udp-gro' · torvalds/linux@cab6949 · GitHub


I don’t plan to upgrade the Vero 4K to a 5.x kernel.
It’s approaching 7 years

We are working on upstream support with others, so you’ll be able to use upstream kernels in the future.

We will stay with 4.9.269 and we will maintain this kernel for some time.
Launch the next device on 4.9.269, then move to 5.4 shortly and 5.18 after that.

Can you explain your use-case?
I’ll see what can be backported.


Thanks for the reply @sam_nazarko

That’s interesting to know about the future kernel plans.

Any difference with the 4K+ ? It seems surprising that you wouldn’t try to keep all the devices on a similar or the same kernel.

My use case is: I use Tailscale on a couple of Vero 4K+ devices so they can connect back directly to my NAS (even when not connected to the same network). Tailscale works brilliantly for this, though I have noticed that while it works fine for 1080p content, it taxes the CPU a bit on the 4K+. I was hoping these improvements would be supported on the Vero to help improve the transfer efficiency/lower the system load.

I also figured these improvements may also help improve other UDP transfers, e.g. over direct UDP NFS mounts?

If these sorts of improvements could be reliably back-ported, that’d be great.

We keep the same kernel for 4K and 4K + devices. All that’s different between them is the Device Tree structure used when booting.

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Given no newer kernel release for the 4K/4K+, any chance you might be able to back-port these improvements @sam_nazarko ?

While I’m up for purchasing the new device when it comes out (and I will), I still really appreciate these UDP improvements for Tailscale on the 2 4K+ I have. Tailscale have now released a new version that takes advantage of these features (Release 1.40.0 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub)


I’ll take a look and see how feasible it is.

If you can break it down in to the original commits and not just the whole branch it would be helpful.

Thanks @sam_nazarko, though I’m afraid I’m not clueful enough to figure out the exact commits. I thought that was what I linked to :wink: