60fps consistent skipping bursts on Vero 4K +


Noticed getting consistent frame skipping with high framerate content. An example would be “Big Buck Bunny, Sunflower version” Standard 2D Full HD (1920x1080) 1080p 60fps file. It happens from network or when copied locally. Talking bursts of skips every few seconds.

Decided to format and reset Vero 4K + with August 2018.08.2 image but same problem. Updated it to October 2018.10-1 but problem remains. So not sure what else to do now.
Log file url:https:/paste.osmc.tv/exufegaxev
File using is from following website:

When playing from a X96mini it is flawless (apart from can’t play 60fps 4K from that box). Have trouble with 4K 60fps version with Vero which is even worse skipping.
I can’t recall if played these files before on the Vero 4K +.

I can confirm the same issue, with both fstab nfs mount on NAS and when copied and played locally.

Yup, I have struggled to play BBB (albeit at 4k). I assumed it was something funny with the ‘artificial’ way the vid is produced.

Are you watching the HEVC or H264 version?
What bitrate version are you playing?

Do you experience this with any real-world content?
Does this occur with local playback?

I see micro-stutters every so often, and they happen at repeatable points.

The most noticeable first one is when Bunny yawns as he comes out of the hole. Since basically the whole video is buffered at that point (and the bitrate is only about 10Mbps for the whole movie, audio included), it’s seems to be more a render/decode issue than one of getting the bits to the Vero 4K.

This is the 1080p, H.264 version, which is a profile 4.2 compliant stream.

Download from http://distribution.bbb3d.renderfarming.net/video/mp4/bbb_sunflower_1080p_60fps_normal.mp4

H264 version. I’m getting this skipping (not as bad, but you tend to notice on 60fps) with my own h264 footage from my phone which is more worrying. Happens with it locally also (to rule out network). Again, on the x96mini (which is not as powerful as the Vero 4K+) it is fine. It should be in spec for that.

If playing 60fps HEVC locally it seems OK. If you try this file:

it only stutters bad at the Sony logo at then very end.

As I’ve formatted and started again I have not re-done FSTAB mounts at the moment but it was the same before re-install. So will try again. Not getting any buffer messages.

Can you upload a sample from your phone if possible?
A log will also be helpful



Hi Sam, can do but will have do that tomorrow. If convert the phone avc mp4 60fps phone footage to mkv container this helps greatly (only 1 skip) so that’s better.

OK, fair enough if the Bunny files are not normal and different players will be better or worse. If do same for the Bunny file (make mkv) it makes no difference and skips.

The Sony 4K 60fps file get a few skips from my NFS mount so not sure if can optimize the mount further as it plays OK local.
I’ve setup AutoTAB via
sudo apt-get install autofs
sudo nano /etc/auto.nfs.shares
/mnt/ :</path/to/share1>
then added source from that mnt folder in the root file system.

Can you give things a go on local storage first?
Please send me the MP4s if they’re more problematic as that will be a better test.



For info, just tried the RC of Leia (17.8-360 29 Nov 2018) and all the videos play fine with no skipping locally. Even the Sony logo at end of that demo clip is fine. So no point in looking into it for 17.x. Will start using 18 as daily. Thanks all.

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V18 is probably about a month off.


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Ive been having a similar and weird issue where I start to watch a 25fps or 50fps video (h.264 encoded SD) it will start to play ok but a few seconds in the hdmi output stops I.e no video or audio for a couple of seconds then when it comes back the video is very juddery.
To fix this I have to reboot the Vero 4k+ which will then play the video fine. Generally the next time I go to watch similar content I,e the next night the same thing will happen or it will be juddery from the start again until I reboot it.

I have the Vero 4k+ connected to an Denon AVR x2400h av reciver then to my LGSK8000 tv. This issue only happens when using the TV at the weekends I usually use my projector (Epson Eh-tw650) connected to the denon amp on the 2nd hdmi our and this displays alll video correctly and the issues do not occur.

I have enabled the Lock HDP event in settings so will see if this helps matters.

That should help

Yep it appears it has went back to the tv last night and did not have the issue.

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