64bit Kernel + 32 Bit Userland for RPi3

As a Vero 4K user, it doesn’t take me long to notice the uncommon but perfectly understandable of 64bit Kernel + 32bit Userland configuration for OSMC. It serves me well as a media box and home NAS combo, together with an external hard drive.

Recently I would like to replicate this setup for my parent with a spare RPi3. Quickly I notice the 18T external hard drive cannot be recognized by OSMC on RPi3. The ‘dmesg’ shows a line like below:

EXT4-fs (sda1): filesystem too large to mount safely on this system

A quick search lead to this thread on RPi fourm: Cannot mount EXT4 18TB USB3.0 HDD Error: filesystem too large to mount safely on this system. This turned out to be limitation of 32bit kernel. :frowning:

Earlier this year, RPi Upstream has started providing 64bit kernel for RPi 3 and above. Currently only OSMC for RPi 4 provides 64bit kernel along with 32bit userland.
With the upcoming Bullseye release, may I know if there’s a plan to expand the current RPi4-Only image to support RPi3 as well?


There’s no plan to do this. I am considering a complete Aarch64 environment for both Pi4 and Vero in the future


In that complete Aarch64 future, would it be possible to support RPi3/3+ as well?

I don’t have plans to do this as I don’t see performance benefits but rather regressions.

The Pi2/3 user base is also dropping significantly in favour of Vero and Pi 4.