7” official touchscreen - turning it on and off with relay


I read a lot about turning official touchscreen off and as I know it’s not possible because Raspberry Pi 2 keeps 5V on GPIO pins even after shutdown. In my configuration I will have two “reset buttons/push switches”, one like this:


to send “shutdown” command and second button connected to P6 pins to turn it on. I’m wondering is it possible to connect to those buttons some electromagnetic relay or latching relay to turn on/off display?

I have no idea how relay works. If it is possible could you please tell me what kind of relay I need and how to connect it?

Thanks in advance!

I wonder why you believe to find answers to this quite specific raspberry question on the OSMC forum?
I guess you have better chances at Raspberry Pi Forums - Index page.

I use OSMC and without thinking, I asked a question here, but you’re right. Thanks.


The circuit here should be exactly what you want.