802.11ac (5Ghz) WiFi dongle on Pi3 can't connect to 5GHz SSID

I just received my new 802.11ac (5Ghz) WiFi dongle purchased from the OSMC store.
OSMC seems to successfully detect the dongle on boot, I can see both wlan0 (dongle) and wlan1 (pi integrated). Using the 2016.10-2 update of OSMC, the dongle appears to be reporting my 5GHz network’s SSID correctly but when I select it in MyOSMC Network I am not prompted for a network passphrase/password.
Must I disable the Pi3’s integrated wifi before using the dongle to connect?
I can certainly post system logs, but I wanted to ask if I am doing something wrong first.

You should disable the internal adapter first. Our connection manager can get a bit confused with multiple adapters.

Alternatively you can connect via the command line which is more reliable.


Did you get it working?

I got my Edimax 5GHz dongle working in OSMC, indeed by disabling the internal wifi like Sam says. But it’s proven not stable enough, just like it was also not stable enough in OpenElec. I’m curious to know if other Dongles are more stable. Theoretically it could be the dongle itself, the Linux/Debian kernel, my router config, or a combination.

The instability is most noticeable after starting a movie then it freezes after some minutes or when trying to skip forward. No problem with 2.4GHz on the same dongle, but then why have a dongle?

Edimax 5Ghz == Realtek 8812au. Not brilliantly stable unfortunately.

We produce a 5Ghz dongle that works well and that we officially support, but can appreciate that people want what they already have to work well. Unfortunately the situation with Realtek and Linux remains unchanged at this time. Maybe we can improve things in the future.


trying to get my netis wf2150 dual band adapter working with latest osmc on my pi3 but no luck… I can see the 5g networks but can’t connect to them, if I toggle off wifi I have no networks?? I also can’t see the blue light on netis, but with open elect connection made to 5g no problem at all… would much rather use osmc… tanks dill

If you’re using a Pi 3; try disabling the internal adapter first. This has been covered on the forums.

you mean the WiFi toggle in settings, if so did that and no networks appear, or is there an other way to disable it? tanks dill

No – search for disabling the internal adapter and then the external one will work properly

k tanks will do…

got it working, did the option of adding dtoverlay=sdhost in pi config and boom hooked up to 5g no problem… dill