8bitDo Adapter 2 not working with Vero 4K+

I got 8bitDo Adapter 2 which is a specialized BT adapter for Gamepads that would represent a variety of game controllers as Xbox or Switch controllers. The hope was that the Vero4K+ would work better with my PS4 controllers.

when attached to a MacBook the adapter recognizes the PS4 controller properly and it can be configured.

Alas, when attached to the Vero 4K+ the adapter does not seem to help to recognize the PS4 controller in OSMC (it probably should show up as an Xbox controller if it is configured to mimic Xbox xcontrollers).

I suppose this is not supported by OSMC, but if someone got this to work properly, please speak up.

I’m not familiar with the adapter, so the first thing I searched for was Linux support.

It looks like proper support requires a very recent kernel: Linux 6.3 Bringing Proper Support For The 8BitDo Pro 2 Wired Controller - Phoronix or an out of tree driver.

Unfortunately I don’t have one myself to advise.

Thanks Sam, the vero is on a 4.9 kernel, correct?

This means there is no way I would get this to work, so I better return the item.

Correct. Our next kernel will be 5.15.

All good, just checking if there is hope for soon. No problem at all.