A 70's vintage transistor turned into a media center [OSMC - Raspberry Pi]

Hi everyone,

My frist topic on this forum to show you my first build ever with osmc and Raspberry pi.
This forum was very useful to find information son how to deal with osmc and kodi .
Now it’s my turn to show you what I did and maybe answer some questions if you have one :).

The project start with the wish to make a beautiful media center with my Pi running on OSMC.

I first bought a vintage transistor. It’s an 70’s devices made by the brand PHILIPS.
I buy it for 18€. As I want to make a cool devices, the goal was to use Led Matrix controlled by MAX7219 to display the name of the movie or the music now playing. For that, I used ‘Json Rpc’ and Kodipydent as I’m more familiar with python than json.

Here is a quick video of the final device:

If you’re interested I can go furthermore in details (pictures, explanations, helps,…)
Just let me Know :slight_smile:

ps: I apologize for the english ( one for all :wink: )