A Better ATVClient remote control

I am suggesting the use of the attached base code. I know this code was modified by Kraqh3ad , a member of the old forums. To date I can not locate this source on the web but fortunately I did download this version source as well as the compiled version I will post here. The source zip file may not be the newest.

I am also doing this to document and archive what I can no longer find on the web.

I took the (older) compiled version from an old CB2 installation and replaced the ATVclient on OSMC for ATV at /usr/sbin/atvclient

I then edited /lib/systemd/system/atvclient.service as follows

Description = atvclient
After = remote-fs.target

Type = simple
ExecStart = /usr/sbin/atvclient -n /home/osmc/.remote.atv
Restart = on-abort

WantedBy = multi-user.target

I installed the file “.remote.atv” (Which is for a Nyko PS3 remote and works onlty with the complied atvclient here), and I installed the remote.xml in userdata/keymaps

There are examples for other remotes in the source zip file, however to use them you must use that newer version as the compiled version posted here requires longer remote codes.

The remote codes are shorter on the zip version the codes are longer on the compiled binary. The compiled one is off my apple TV from when we were discussing it on the old forums. Newest version in zip file.

start by unzipping the file here:

IMHO the Apple remote is the “Granny Remote”. My grandmother could learn to use (she been dead long time) and it would make a wonderful installable option on ALL OSMC platforms . Apple remote sensors have USB interfaces and only lack the USB connector. It is a great alternative to MCE remotes and the ONLY way to get long keypresses on Apple Remote

I would prefer to see the source for this binary if changes are to be included in OSMC.

atvclient probably only makes sense on x64 where users may run EFI based Macs. I don’t think the receiver is removable.

Sam source is in the link I posted earlier as well as an earlier binary.

BTW I have used this (compiled binary version) on x86 system with IR sensor from a macbook pro wired to a USB connector and it works great.

The source is newer than the binary version in zip.

The source also includes several example remote configurations as well as one I threw in that works with the binary version. See the readme in the source .

This was all tested and discussed on the developers section of the forums which apparently no longer exist anywhere, not even in the way back machine on internet archive. It took me a while to dig all this up.


you are mistaken! Macbook Pro IR sensors are readily available and need only be attached to a USB cable

Here is one link

In fact, I onice found lots of these on ebay and bought two lots, and still have some around, and exactly for that purpose!

Also this was originally discussed here (now only available on web archive)

It does say Mac Mini in the title however if you read it you will see that it refers also to x86 mac with no IR or Linux as well.

Now also the ATVClient was discussed here

This is the newest web archive version so it is not the latest . That latest version was updated to include this particular atvclient source code which was enhanced to include support for more apple remote sensors and as thwe source code is in the previously posted zip you can see that it is fairly easy to add/edit USB device ID

If I ran a raspberry Pi OSMC I would definately use the Apple IR sensor as I have found the GPIO IR sometimes to be flaky (does not always start it seems)

I ask that you please take a good look at the zip and specically the zip of source inside the zip to see that in addition to all the features in your ATVClient, there is now

1 Added support for additional IR sensors
2 Added support for 3rd party NEC Protocol Remotes

This would m in my opinion be a valuable addition on ALL OSMC platforms but as I read somewhere you want to make a version for Macs this may be all you need. Making it available on Pi and ATV1 at least, would be extremely useful!