A bug when using android remote

OK, so i have Pi3 and OSMC and there’s something, that is annoying me for 2 hours now.

When using remote controller app (ANY app, Yatse, Kore, 4-head) i have my library synced, covers on my phone, it’s sweet…
when i on the main menu screen :slight_smile:

Here’s problem:

When i’m choosing a movie using app, and hit play on my phone it starts playing, but only when i’m on main screen (right after boot).

When i use my app in remote controller mode (pilot) and browse with arrows to, for example, tv shows, and THEN switch to library mode on phone and select play, audio starts to play normally, but display shows still episode list (not switching to video). Sometimes it switches to black screen and my app shows disconnected status (or connecting) - like it’s lost synchronisation.
Then i can’t do anything (audio still plays in the background) - app is not working (not connected), there’s no mouse pointer, keyboard doesn’t work. Only way is to pull the plug from the wall…

Any ideas or a fix maybe?

have a great day!

Don’t do that or you will end up with a broken system one day. In those situations always try to login via SSH and restart.

Well not with the information provided. We might be able to give hints if you provide debug enabled logs.