A couple requests

Could you add hdmi_pixel_encoding into “Pi Config” as a quick one to change instead of manually in the Config Editor. I think it is a important one for easy access because the default for TVs is limited but every HDMI TV I have ever setup a Pi is new enough that it uses full range. So easier access would be nice especially when I have to talk people through it.

Second would you add in the ability to preseed a custom hostname to the installer, it would help people setting up multiple systems and would be even nicer then Raspbmc’s random unique one. I know I just had issues when setting up a second system and both tried using “osmc” because it doesn’t even have the unique option from Raspbmc yet.

Dont know about hostname, but the config item should be ok to add. We obviously dont want to add too much, but there is scope for this one item at least. Lucky you got in first.