A few questions about the OSMC TVHeadend server

I have used the TVHeadend server on a Ubuntu server in the past, with an HDHomerun tuner, but would like to know a bit more about the OSMC TVHeadend server.

First, what version is it?
Second, is having the server on the Vero4K going to be a bit of a resource hog?
Thirdly,since I have 2 Veros, do I require a TVHeadend server installed on each, or can I point the TVHeadend client on the second Vero to the TVHeadend server on the other Vero?

Lastly, and sort of connected to the second question…how is the performance of the OSMC TVHeadend server compared to running it on my Ubuntu server? Will it cause problems if it is recording a show while watching a 4K movie for instance?


It will install the respective version from Debian buster (4.2.8 as far as I judge)

That should not be a problem for the Vero to handle

The Server and Client components are independent, you only need one server.

That should be no problem as the 4k movie watching will mainly use the GPU so the CPU can take care of the rest. Just one important point this is all about recording the original stream without re-encoding.

I assume to remove it would be the usual apt-get remove command.

You could do that while you also should be able to uninstall from App Store

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We package our own version – as the Debian version usually lags.

It is indeed v4.2.8 however.

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