A few questions before purchase

Ok so I am planning to pick up a Vero 4k+ in the coming days and have a few questions.

  1. How well does the optical port work in relation to any delay and keeping the connection alive? Reason being is that I have used a first gen Firetv box with Kodi for many years using only the optical out to my receiver with no issues other than the occasional lip sync issue that is obviously not due to hardware. Now that I have finally gotten a 4k tv I find that using the tv’s built in apps there is considerable delay on the video side in relation to the audio. so much so that I can not sync it even with the receiver and tv’s sync settings maxed out. This drives me nuts and gets worse with higher bit rate stuff. Also are there any issues with the optical connection dropping out? Using my new tv’s optical out the connection is dropped when there is no noise in a scene or it gets very quiet. Every time this happens there is a slight pop that also drives me nuts. I would like to be sure of this before purchase. I bought a few cheap boxes on amazon that had optical out but they were such garbage they went right back a few minutes after plugging them in.

  2. I see the Vero 4k is out of stock for a few days but is avail in the US at the Pishop. I am also in the US but would it be better support wise to wait and purchase directly when it returns to stock?

  3. Although I mostly watch from local files I do use YouTube a fair bit as well as Prime and was wondering if there is a quick update on what resolutions are available thus far and what might be in the works for this box in the future. And yes I know I can get a firestick 4k or something to use those but sadly they no longer have optical out on those units as well as most brands with similar devices. Grrrr. I have lots of vintage gear Carver, Infinity etc and have no plans to upgrade anytime soon so optical out is an absolute must and is one of my main draws to the Vero 4k.

Thanks for any advice or experiences with the issues I raised.


  1. There may be some latency, but it’s possible to set an offset to adjust for this so that it is not noticeable. The optical connection shouldn’t drop out – but you may wish to enable the ‘Keep audio alive’ setting.
  2. This is your choice - they are an official reseller.
  3. YouTube works in HD and 4K, but Amazon is restricted to SD resolution unfortunately

Hope this helps

Thanks Sam,

Seeing your direct replies on here is confidence inspiring and something you don’t see much of anymore so thanks for that! I will be ordering one from Pishop today then.

Thanks again!

As Sam says, YouTube works in 4K, but not yet in HDR.

I’ve never tried one, but there are devices that split out HDMI audio to optical while passing through the video.

I have seen those but right now I really am looking for a one box solution. Got rats nest around the TV as it is now! Perhaps if prime streaming becomes more of a need I will try it with one of their boxes like the Firecube when they go on sale. Honestly the kids use the streaming stuff more than I and don’t really notice the audio issues. Myself however ugh it’s just about unwatchable. For me anyways the audio is just as or more important than the video.

We have a fix for that now.

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One last thing Sam,

Is the Jan 8th restock date reliable? Probably just wait and order directly and save the shipping charge from Pishop.

It’s not a firm ETA, no. If you’ve signed up to the restocking notification, you’ll get an email when we are back in stock.

Understood. Thanks

Incidentally I believe you can get HDMI splitters and/or convertors that will give you an optical output from HDMI? Might be worth the investment.

Why bother when we provide an optical output already?

Because he mentioned other devices and newer devices not containing optical outs. Sorry for trying to be helpful to the OP :man_shrugging:

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Thanks I may give that a shot if my streaming needs Prime, Netflix etc. become greater.

Sweet! Roughly when are we likely to see that released?

I’d say reasonably soon. There are a couple more things with tonemapping that we want to get in with it.