A few questions on RPi2 & Alpha 4

Been happily using Raspbmc and RPi to date and am now setting up a RPi2 with OSMC Alpha 4 and have a few questions.

  1. Can the bootup diagnostics be hidden as they were in Raspbmc - ie: all the service start/ok messages

  2. My other xmbc instances share a mysql DB using advancesettings.xml - I’m not clear if this goes in the same location on OSMC, in the OSMC home directory/.kodi/usersettings/advancedsettings.xml - I saw a mention of if needing to go in a system directory instead but am unsure of where this is.

  3. With RPi and Raspbmc i needed an additional setting in config.txt to force the hdmi connection otherwise I’d randomly get a blank screen - I added hdmi_force_edid_audio=1 - I tried adding this via the config.txt editor in osmc and osmc kept hanging. I then edited it from my PC and put the sd card back and it’s not showing as an entry in the config editor in osmc which makes me think I’ve edited the wrong config.txt

Other than that my first impressions with OSMC are that it’s very slick and the RPi2 is very fast.


  1. Not 100% certain, but I am pretty sure that yes, it will be hidden before the release version.
  2. Advancedsettings.xml ALWAYS goes in ~/.kodi/userdata/
  3. There is only one config.txt and it is located on the boot (vfat) partition (mounted as /boot). If you had problems adding (or seeing) this via the addon it is certainly a bug, the addon is not complete yet.

We will have splash on the next build