A few specific library questions

I think I got my new Vero 4K+ set up so far and am now tinkering with all the settings and stuff. Ran into a few possibly specific questions.

First of all, in my source for TV Shows, there are a lot of empty TV Show folders that are waiting for new seasons to come out. So, in the Kodi settings I set it to not show empty TV shows, but when I go into my library, they are displayed anyway. But when I enter any of them and then return to the main library page, they are hidden like they should be. Is this a bug?

Secondly, on my source I have separate folders for TV shows, movies and documentaries. Is it possible to define the documentaries folder as a source, scrape them, but not add them to the Movie or TV Show library, but a third separate one that shows up on the home screen? Like I then have Movies, TV Shows and Documentaries there?

This is probably more of a Kodi question, but is it somehow possible to stack movie sets? Like for example have an Avengers movie set and a Guardians of the Galaxy movie set and group them both together in a Marvel set?


A movie can only be in one set, and sets aren’t really objects in the database, so they can’t stack inside each other.

For your “Marvel” issue, I just created one set called “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, and put all the movies in that.

AFAIK you can’t not add them to the Movie or TV show libraries if you scrape them into the database. What I do is I have folders named Drama (for all fictional content), Documentary (for factual stuff), TV (for series/multi episode content), Instruction (training videos, howtos etc.) and Concert (for, well concert vids) on my server with the relevant content within. After scraping them to my library I then make a smart playlist for each top-level folder path and then (depending on skin) add the smart playlist to my main menu or favourites menu. Essentially, I never use the default Movies or TV menus, and delete them if the skin allows.

On a side note, it took me much longer than I care to admit to realize that what Kodi means by ‘TV’ really means series, i.e. multi episode content of some sort. Not necessarily content that has been produced for television …

Thanks a lot guys. The smart playlist sounds exactly like what I was looking for.

Anyone has any ideas on my first issue with the empty TV shows showing up, disappearing and then showing up again?

there is also a mod of the default skin, which let’s you define custom nodes on your kodi home meu (if you doesn’t prefere the osmc skin). there you could add your stuff via tag and smartplaylist as a top item. (just a thought)