A Happy New Year from OSMC - OSMC

All of the OSMC team would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

This evening, we have finalised our next OSMC update which will bring Kodi 17.6 and Debian Stretch. We will make this available as an automatic update shortly.

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Happy New Year to you and the team behind OSMC! :fireworks::sparkler::fireworks:

Cheers Sam and team. Happy new year.

Yeah, a happy new year to you too Sam, and the rest of the crew and community :blush:

Thanks for the EOY gift :slight_smile:

Happy New Year Sam and team.
Thanks for all the great work!

Happy New Year from Kiwiland :slight_smile:


Happy New Year to you too. I’m a newbie to the Vero world, just placed an order for my first one. Can’t wait to get started.

Wait for 17.6…from october it’s time to relased.

Thanks in advances…

Also waiting here, please release

We will release the update when it’s stable. Some testing was made available and revealed some problems.

Please clarify what you’d like to see from Kodi 17.6 however. All of the improvements made available in 17.6 were backported to 17.5 in October. There won’t be any change from the 17.6 update, apart from a cosmetic version change

Not even the mentioned fix for HDR flickering on LG OLEDs made it in the new release?

That’s not related to Kodi.
That fix will be available shortly. You can manually upgrade now if you’d like to as well.

How can I do that ?

You can upgrade to Stretch following the instructions in the Testing and Development subforum.

Thanks !

Thanks for clarifying. I did misinterpret your answer.

Oh… now i know the exact cause :slight_smile:

In the pass i read this update it’s be ready from past 25 December… :slight_smile:

For me it’s not a problems wait now i know the situation…