A little help from my friends!

Hey Guys

I need your help with my Pi3 Configuration…

this is the complete logs http://paste.osmc.io/venoqogudo

Randomly I had sad face

Just advices I can give

  1. Check if your powersupply is up for the job
  2. Uninstall all the none official addons

If you only received the sad face once and all is fine now, see Kodi Krypton FAQ and Support

If you have sad face loop on boot try deleting the addons.db file in database folder. This solved it for me.

i didn’t understand very well my log’s file… but I saw a lot of sql error!

where I can find the addons.db file?


Tnx Bo!

I’ll try it

it seems ok… but I had to enable all the addons

That is intentional.
Please read the FAQ / primer for more information.