A neat “back” button for the touch screen

I love every thing about OSMC except this.
I run my OSMC on a Pi2 with the 7" touch screen, and I only have one spare keyboard for all of my Pis.
It is really a pain in the **** going back to the last menu level etc. when I cannot find the remote or I don’t have the keyboard at standby.

Is there a not so obvious way to do it?
If yes, please consider make it a bit more obvious.
If not, please add it.


Right click with the mouse (or holding your finger on the screen) is also sorta like the ‘back’ button if you are not on a menu item or button …isnt it ?
But with the ‘keymap editor’ or a similar addon you could change that to backspace ?

O well.
I did’t realized that…

Well i am guessing since i can do that when i connect with VNC from my ipad…give it a try…if it works then at least you know you have that option :slight_smile: