A Way to backup every day

Hi, can we add a function to backup the actual system every day?

At the moment a backup is only running if there is a new update. But it would be great if the backup can be sheduled every day even if there is no update found.

would be great


Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll look in to this with My OSMC 2.

While you are waiting for MyOSMC 2, this is not difficult with cron (which is in the App Store). You just need to schedule something like

systemctl stop mediacenter
cp -a /home/osmc/.kodi path/to/your/backupdir/
systemctl start mediacenter

Put those lines into a script and add a line in crontab to run it once a day. If you have a fixed time to check for updates daily, then schedule your backup to be at a different time.

If you have other apps running all the time (eg tvheadend) you should shut those down as well to avoid database corruption.

ok thanks

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