Ability to change CEC device volume when passthrough is activated


Since the latest update (April) I can not control the volume of my AV Receiver (CEC) and there is a message saying that I’m using audio passthrough. Until now I have been using the volume buttons on the Vero 4K’s remote to control just that, the volume! Now I can not and I don’t see an option to regain this feature (the normal behavior I should say). Can anyone tell me how to enable that again? The rest of the CEC features are working fine though.


We haven’t changed anything CEC related.

Did you add anything new to your AVR / TV; or receive a firmware update on these peripherals?

No, and I use the vero almost everyday… It didn’t happen until April’s update, that I’m sure. I’m going to try with the debugging and look for more information in the logs.

Try powering down the Vero 4K and all connected devices at the mains for 10 minutes.

Mystery partially solved. Now it works and I did nothing, not even restart the Vero :slight_smile:

Thanks @sam_nazarko

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I have the same issue with my volume controls on my OSMC remote, they are controlling OSMC rather than my Yamaha receiver.

If you are using the official OSMC remote, that’s to be expected as it’s a RF remote direct to your system instead of using CEC.

My TV remote seems to do all the requirements anyway. I just need to tell my wife to stop turning my receiver up so high!

Any other recommendations for a decent remote off Amazon?

Perhaps setting up a Bluetooth keyboard to auto connect and mapping the buttons would suit me a little better.

You haven’t given us much information to go on. Instead of replying to a 1 year old topic, why don’t you open a new topic in the Help section and tell us some information about what you are trying to achieve?

No need. You answered my question. just wanted to know if it was possible to adjust the volume on my receiver from the OSMC provided remote. I’m more concerned with the topic I just posted.

I was just browsing around here and hastily replied to this thread. I’m sorry about that, though. I’ll be more careful next time.