Ability to choose 'Show Info' as default action for 'ok' button

This option is available in the menu for movies, and I would really appreciate the ability to be able to do this for my albums too - its great to click on a movie or album and read the synopsis or overview etc.

I’d love this option - if there’s any way we can make it so that would be great.


Just use the keymap editor. Everyone will not want this as default.


I’m not asking for the default option to change for everyone, only the option to control what the default option is via the settings menu.

There is an option to do this for other types of media and it would serve just as useful a purpose with music albums too.

I’m afraid the option is you’re referring to is part of Kodi - which we don’t control. You might want to head over to the Kodi forums to ask about this…

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Ahh gotcha. Will do and thanks!