About sound quality with OSMC in Raspberry Pi3

I’m using OSMC, with the December 2016 distribution on a Raspberry Pi3.
It is connected to my tv set trough a HDMI cable.
The tv set is a SONY Android tv full HD (1080)

I’ve noticed different sound qualities when listening to a movie being reproduced
with the following different approaches:
a) osmc (kodi 16) in the raspberry;
b) archos video player running in the android tv;
c) movian player running in my playstation 3 connected to the tv trough hdmi;

b and c have a more dynamic sound with stronger and better defined bass (I hope this is understandable with my bad english).

osmc have weaker and less detailed bass.
I’ve tried configuring osmc to do audio passtrough to the tv (it accepts both dts and dd 5.1).
Alternatively I’ve also disabled audio pass-trough and configured “optimized” sound.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to better configure OSMC HDMI sound to sound better ? (more dynamic and more detailed bass) ? (it can be with a stereo downsample - I would just like to have better sound output).

All tests were made with the same video sources with DTS and Dolby Digital samples.

Thank you very much

Digital sound and especially passthrough audio do only render through the dac in your tv.
So differences in sound could theoretically only come from an eq or other audio"enhance" features of the tv or the other devices.
Does your tv support a per source eq? Did you change any eq settings?

Sorry to answer just today.

No. I’m using the same equalization for both inputs.
but it seems that the archos player running from inside android TV does an improvement on played audio (called audio boost) and movian in ps3 is doing something similar.
(the sound that cames from the TV when played by archos player is really a very big improvement over raspberry pi )

Is there a way of doing this sort of “audio boosting” with OSMC without using an additional sound card ?

Thank you very much